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Therefore, you expect that your business will grow through word of mouth. You’ve answered the three questions every business must answer. If you will be cash flow positive from day one, answer the three questions above and get on with your business.However, we would not encourage you to hire a consultant to help you develop a formal business plan with revenue, expense and cash-flow projections.

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Each plan outlines the following sections: executive summary, objectives, mission, keys to success, company summary, products, market analysis summary, strategy and implementation summary, management summary, and financial plan.

Prince's Trust business plans The Trust's 'Where to start' section provides a business plan template (Word and pdf format), plus business plan financial tables (Excel format).

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Free sample business plans A large collection of free business plans for a wide variety of business sectors.

Do all business plans provide a recipe for success?

Every business owner needs an 'informal' business plan to maintain business focus and manage day-to-day operations.

Why should a prospective customer buy your product or service rather than a competitor’s? Is there a segment of the market that values what differentiates you and is it large enough to support your business?

Related: How to Write a Business Plan Banks Can't Resist3. Once you resolve these very basic issues, whether you need a formal business plan is a function of cash flow.

However, you’ll need to make a significant investment in product development.

Then, you’ll need to purchase equipment, rent space and hire people to manufacturer it.


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