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" His brother was the reason why he was stable in both karma choices, now that he's gone it makes more sense for his rage to consume him and become a powerful figure against humanity, especially after his tribe shuns him " Define stable, because I'm pretty sure that ( spoilers ) Killing bedridden and dieing tribe/ family members because they turned away the mass murderer isn't categorized as stable.A story could be produced that can encompass both good and evil outcomes but were sure as hell not going to be getting the Fist of the north star story you had going.Sucker Punch need to change direction and give us the evil ending option.

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Cole was a guy who got powers, felt like they were a curse but didn't let them control him, he was trained by Kessler (himself) at the end of the day while the one person to keep Delsin on the right track is gone.

I would say the best person to bring down Delsin would be his own brother so if they can pull off Reggie survivng, like as I've said before, he ends up being a conduit with a different variation of Delsin powers..Reggie can absorb whatever he touches, no conduit needed just the power source but he's only allowed so many.

" In the second Installment Delsin could be sort of traveling tracking dangerous conduits dealing with the loss of his brother and his new-found sense of responsibility" So either a hunting mission sequel OR a sequel where Delsin becomes the new "beast" in ways and becomes humanity's next threat while a new conduit during this massive war has to rise up to stop him Seriously going off the good ending you would have to force a story into it but with the evil ending the story is already set up for a sequel.

We had Cole for the good character with responsibilities...

It honestly seems like your scratching the barest of the Minimum when it comes to developing a story.

Mines aren't Oscar worthy either but its a lot more than just old protagonist is super evil now and here's your new character.So imagine what he would of felt like with actual powers, very POWERFUL powers.Would be boring to see Delsin end up on the good path when we already had Cole for that.In the second Installment Delsin could be sort of traveling tracking dangerous conduits dealing with the loss of his brother and his new-found sense of responsibility.It could also lead to the outcome of the desolvement of the DUP and the government dealing with rising conduits without depending upon a conduit themselves.I honestly believe that the best option would be going with the good ending having Delsin dealing with his loss while still at the shack-house with Betty, this could lead up to the return of Zeke as hes trying to inform you about something big.This something could play into a plethora of different outcomes of the possibility of the Government trying to recreate and control the beast, The possibility that there maybe holding onto even Cole in hopes of using him to create their own conduits.Delsin would be the new "beast" to humanity, his powers suit that. Thats not the right way to do it though as by now people might just be doing the good story because they THINK it's going to be cannon.SP should go with what makes the most sense, Delsin becoming evil would seperate it's self from Cole who was our good guy No, evil side of the game was just horribly executed when it comes to how the story develops.he defeated Augustine, got her power, saved his tribe.The DUP are in shambles and the world is getting it's freedom back, not just humans but conduits aswell.


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