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I wish to reflect, through the writing of a theoretically informed autoethnography, on the space inscribed between the proposal and the dissertation, and thus on the young scholar's initiation journey through a constructed, narrative-in-becoming space, and on the relationship between the backpackers' narratives of identity and change, which I researched, and my own.In doing so I will evocatively problematize the epitome of the academic rite-of-passage, i.e.While writing the following it become clear to me that it might be modern scientific research that frames stories of lives and of lived experiences in terms of coherency and progression, while post-modern narrative may be perceived as a less coherent and more fractured genre, and as a genre that does not only convey or reflect upon ones' identity, as it evokes, performs and constitutes it in the event of narration.

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In other cases the theoretical and the personal perspectives or voices are both explicitly presented, sometimes separately (ELLIS 1993), and sometimes in an intertwined way, where they are in dialogue throughout the text, and where this dialogue is what weaves the fabric of the text (GUREVITCH 2000; JONES 1998, 2002).

Presently, I found the latter to be the most suitable possibility, conveying my own struggles throughout my work.

The next occasion anyone would be signing anything will be four years later, on the cover of the bound dissertation monograph.

Regrettably, these are the only two occasions of handwriting, of that "track of the body" (STEWART 1993, p.14).

The complementary notions of "ambiguity," on the one hand, and "openness," on the other hand, suggest quite a different hermeneutic frame for narrative inquiry: a combination/contamination of genres that continuously evolve, and inspire new meanings, between writer and reader, teller and interlocutor. The Journey from Proposal to Dissertation: How the Doctorate "Broke Free" "It is by now something of commonplace within the theory of travel writing to acknowledge the ways in which travel is a form of writing and writing is a form of travel." Susan STEWART, (1991) 2.1 The proposal Looking back now at my doctorate proposal, dated July 22, 1997, I find that, interestingly enough, its title has nothing to do with my proposed research.

It is rather a statement concerning the formal status of the document, signed five years ago: "A research program submitted for approval as a dissertation plan." The title is followed by strings of little letters, to which I never seem to pay any real attention, running my eyes across them quickly, dismissing their potential trouble as "mere bureaucracy." Towards the bottom of the page the title of my work is printed: "The Great Journey: Narrative Analysis of Israeli Trekking Stories." And by its side are my advisors' and my own printed names, accompanied by : lively blue and pink—Amia's pen—ink, conventionally signifying authenticity/singularity (DERRIDA 1988).

For example, in a few of the works in the field theoretical issues are either entirely implicit, or they are referred to scarcely (DENT 2002; RONAI 1999).

In such cases the contribution revolves around the writers' intimate knowledge of the subject matter, and the texts' complex articulation of it and its innovativeness.

The essay offers contributions to the inquiry into reflexivity and subjectivity within the growing paradigm of qualitative methodology, to the inquiry of rites-of-passage into communities and institutions, and it problematizes the possibility that narrative can contain and convey the post-modern, overwhelmed and fractured self. The Journey from Proposal to Dissertation: How the Doctorate "Broke Free" 2.1 The proposal 2.2 Rethinking the posal 3. Or when, on their way there, they make a stop in New York or Tokyo for a few months in order to work and earn additional funding for the extended trip?

: narrative, identity, autoethnography, rite-of-passage, writing, dissertation, modern, post-modern Table of Contents 1. Dissertation Writing 3.1 Authorship issues: Why not write the dissertation with a little help from my friends? Or, maybe when they embark on the plane leaving their homeland; or maybe before that, when they typically gather to hear adventure and travel stories of veteran backpackers, and thus are inscribed in the inner circle of backpackers-to-be, as their stories of identity are cast into a communal travel?


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