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In fact, the title's strength is also its weakness. Also, the title doesn't tell us what character or work of art Felicity will be discussing.We want to read the essay to understand the title, but some readers might appreciate a little more information in the title.Put yourself in the shoes of an admissions officer.

At the same time, the essay can't be so quirky or superficial that it fails to reveal the writer's skills and character.

Felicity takes a risk in her essay by focusing on a rather silly fictional role model. She acknowledges the strangeness of her focus, and at the same time she produces an essay that really isn't about Lisa Simpson.

For fiction and art, applicants tend to think big—a Jane Austen heroine, a Monet painting, a Rodin sculpture, a Beethoven symphony.

So what are we to make of an essay that focuses on a seemingly trivial cartoon character like Lisa Simpson?

When we attended a potluck, we made sure that one of the dishes we brought was a meatless entrée, so that I would be guaranteed at least one edible dish at the pork-laden table.

I did not tell my parents, or anyone else, that Lisa Simpson had helped me say no, forever, to eating meat.

Doing so would cast the decision, one that many teenagers passionately make for a few months and then abandon, in the light of well-intentioned immaturity.

But Lisa did help me live a more healthy, ethical, and ecologically sound life—to say no to pork, in all its guises.

The essay is about Felicity, and it succeeds in showing her depth of character, her inner conflicts and her personal convictions.

"Porkopolis" doesn't make clear what the essay is about, but the strange title still manages to make us curious and pull us into the essay. Will this essay be about pigs, or is it about a metropolis with too much pork-barrel spending?


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