How Can Critical Thinking Help You

How Can Critical Thinking Help You-52
This skill enables people to gather all kinds of information and to come to logical conclusions based on the available evidence. Thinking critically allows you to look at a situation from different perspectives.No conclusions are drawn as long as there is insufficient evidence, so research continues until there is enough evidence. The true picture emerges, including background and surroundings.

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It reduces information to a clear and accurate source.

Critical Thinking enables people to critically consider their own arguments and evaluate them right away.

Critical thinking allows both individuals and organisations to demonstrably think in a better and more structured way, and makes it easier to assess and evaluate complex information.

It is helpful for strategic thinking, problem solving, making better use of intuition, learning to evaluate better, and recognising the essence of things.

By constantly questioning one’s own assumptions, it makes it possible to reconsider them based on clear counter arguments.

It also enables others to critically assess someone’s assumptions.In the context of CT, critical does not imply ‘disapproving’ or ‘negative’, but is intended to provide an objective analysis of information.Critical Thinking originated from a method that was developed by Goodwin Watson and Edward Glaser starting in 1925.Most supervisors will at first probably assume that their best employee always provides reliable information.But does the supervisor have enough evidence for that and is the information provided by the employee complete?People have a tendency to jump to conclusions in order to avoid conflict.By remaining objective and testing the reliability of the information, more accurate conclusions can be achieved. People often find it difficult to evaluate conflicting information because of subconscious emotions or because people only hear what they want to hear.Commenting on and questioning an assumption helps to find gaps in the information or the underlying logic.The assumption can also be considered from different points of view and/or stakeholders. It is important to consider your limitations, prejudices and assumptions before you listen to people or assess a situation.They concluded that the relationship between absorbing information and the effectiveness and efficiency could be objectively assessed.Together they developed the Watson-Glaser assessment, which further analyses critical thinking ability.


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