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Success rarely occurs through accident or good fortune.It takes time, planning and dedication – particularly so when it comes to achieving study goals.

It’s free and available on Apple Watch as well as your phone.

A great app for keeping your thoughts as well as your assignments organized, Evernote allows you to sync personal checklists and notes across devices, meaning you can work on a task on one device and later switch to another without losing anything.

Go Conqr Calendar has been specifically designed to meet the needs of learners and educators, giving them a Study Planner that they can use to better organise their time and maximise their learning.

Some benefits of Go Conqr Calendar: When it comes to learning that is directed towards a particular exam or test, time is important and procrastination is the thief of time!

Use the Go Conqr study planner to beat procrastination and get the work done.

The benefits of having a set study schedule are immense.One such app is Remember the Milk, which can sync with all your devices and integrate with your calendar, emails, Twitter and other time management tools.Or, if you’re a visual person, you might prefer 2Do, which uses color coding and lets you categorize tasks by priority and subject.Or, for your phone, you could use Anti-Social, which lets you see how much you use your phone compared to others, and allows you to block apps you overuse.There are also many time management apps for students that let you check off your virtual to-do list, ideal if you ever feel overwhelmed with tasks.If you’re hooked on social media and find yourself checking Twitter five minutes into a revision session, you may want to download an app to block yourself from going on social media or any other distracting websites.For Google Chrome users, Stay Focusd is a highly rated extension which lets you restrict the amount of time you can go on time-wasting websites.You only need a timer to do this, but there are apps available to time the 25 minutes and let you track your productivity, such as Pomodairo, an Adobe Air app that lets you mark where you’re getting distracted and see how long you’ve spent on different tasks.Or, if you’d prefer a desktop version, you could download Tomighty.If you need to revise or get started on an essay, you might want to try the Pomodoro Technique, in which you can break up your work into intervals of 25 minutes, taking a short break after each one.This technique is proven to make you less likely to burnout.


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