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You finally start to see the fruit of years of parenting, catching a glimmer of the soon-to-be adults that they are transforming into.That is not to say that homeschooling teens is without difficulty.

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Oftentimes I’ve found that when my children are less than fully compliant with their assignments, it’s a sign that I’ve given them too much to do on their own.

They may not be ready to have quite so much to do on their own.

When it comes to dawdling, I've found that the older a child gets, the less effective incentives become.

A ninth grader will roll his eyes at a sticker chart or a trip to the zoo.

On the upside, seem to become more effective as children mature.

And that's why you see consequences in this list whereas I don't use them as much with younger children.

If you're finding a child struggles with learning and attention span on a regular basis, pay attention to these three key areas of diet, exercise, and sleep.

The same goes for a child who stayed up until 2 a.m.

I've found it necessary with some of my children to monitor their behavior after certain foods because sensitivities do affect behavior and concentration.

Foods that affect my children include egg, soy, dairy, and food dyes.


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