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My other interests include going out for coffee, brunch, running and photography.During my second co-op program, people kept telling me that now was the time to start building my network and they were right.

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In about a week I put together the Google initiative project and sent it back to the recruiter who originally sent the rejection e-mail.

My Google Internship is a fictitious project that I made out of self-initiative in order to strengthen my internship application at Google.

I discovered that marketing in a classroom environment wasn’t something that I was looking for, so I switched into Finance to gain more technical, hands-on skills.

In general, I’m fascinated by technology and seek every chance I get to fiddle with the newest gadgets out there.

The next thing I know, I was getting numerous emails and the view count went up to 3,122 in one day. People said: “I used to process HR [at Google], reviewed thousands of approved applications, none of them have anything close to something like this.”I understood that when you put yourself out there, you should expect things to go either good or bad.

Hey it’s not easy, but the adventure is worth the struggle.

Getting everything straight, researching, and building the website took just a few days.

When I sent my initiative to my Google recruiter, I didn’t hear back from her for two weeks.

Essentially my idea was to set up a panoramic display booth in Times Square that advertises Google Maps in an unconventional fashion to increase our user base, measure our growth and spark awareness to our product. This project took about a week to do; on top of classes, extracurriculars, and looking for other co-op opportunities.

I designed a modest proposal, dealt with the financials, and measured the return. At this point in time, with all the resources available, it’s easy to learn about anything you’d like to know. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t go the extra mile. I’m also part of a case consulting management team and we build actual initiatives for different companies each week, so I kind of leveraged that expertise to get this done quickly.


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