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Thus, the hazardous residues in organic food are restricted to the lowest amount possible. In fact, many researches have shown the harmfulness of pesticide residues on human health, so pesticide-free organic food is considered much healthier than conventional food.

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Shopping in the grocery stores, consumers will find increasingly congested stacks of food with the labels of “organic food”.

Organic food has been one of the fastest growing sectors of food industry in the past few decades as a legitimate alternative to conventional food.

Moreover, Kouba studies the effect of pesticides on male farmers and shows a lower sperm concentration among non-organic farmers than organic farmers (36).

Suggested by the study of Kouba, men’s health can be negatively affected by constant exposure to pesticides. According to the various health problems related to pesticide exposure, substantial pesticide intake from diet contributes to health risks.

Hence, the empirical data from USDA further supports that there are lower levels of residue contaminant in organic food.

The scientific evidence is crucial in determining the consumer’s attitude towards purchasing organic food.

Organic food can be defined as the “product of a farming system which avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth promoters and additives” (Kouba 33).

There is a growing market for organic food even though its price is usually significantly higher than that of conventional food.

DDT residue in organic milk has a mean of 0.0217 ppd and can be as low as non-detectable. 2009Magkos, Faidon, Fotini Arvaniti and Antonis Zampelas.“Organic Food: Buying More Safety or Just Peace of Mind?

In comparison, the mean DDT value in conventional milk is 0.0921 ppd, over four times that of organic milk (Kouba 35). A Critical Review of the Literature.” Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 46 (2006): 23-56.


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