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Geography Case Study Layout-67
Depends on the subject and how convincing the facts are. I usually generalise as well if I can't remember something then put in a random figure which seems right.statistics), rather than trying to remember everything word for word.

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Practice papers and mark schemes will show you which type of questions require case studies, and what type of information you should be looking for.

They’ll also help you to identify those dreaded ‘curveball’ questions everyone talks about after the exam.

When you’ve finished, you’ll have a set of totally unique case studies and enough information to ensure that no question catches you off guard. Give it to one of your mates and talk them through it whilst drawing your mindmap on a whiteboard.

First, that depends on whether you are practising or taking a real exam.

I'd say that examiners wouldn't look up individual facts such as the death toll, number or cows killed or 45.78% of the population is obsess, because imagine how many essays and questions the examiner has to mark.

It would be ideal to learn all the under ideal facts and figures off by heart, but my teacher said make it up, but make it believable.

But in general, most examiners don't as they have thousands of other student's exam papers to mark.

I know for a fact that most facts I've written at GCSE and A-level Geography, Spanish and Portuguese that I made my own case studies If for example, you're doing a case study for the town you live in, you really can make up facts, like 10% of the towns population are ageing, or 10% of the budget goes on the ageing population (might be a really bad example).

Break the bullet points down and create a mindmap (like the one below) or write a list.

You now know, point by point, exactly what to search for. If you decide to go with a case study that’s in a textbook or revision guide, that’s ok.


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