Gender Identity Essay

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These expressions are linked to culture and are expressed through clothing, behavior, and personal appearance (Planned-Parenthood, 2015).

Although gender identity is established by seven years of age gender identity expression is communicated and it evolves over time through changes in society and culture (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).

This assignment tells others how to respond affecting the individual’s social and cultural development (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).

As development occurs through early childhood the individual is able to identify themselves as boy or girl based on what is internalized from what others have told them coupled by factors that are not yet understood (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).

By the age of 6 or 7 children begin to understand that gender is permanent and it is not something that can be altered or changed by clothes (Yarber & Sayad,2012).

Gender identity evolves with how we feel and express our gender and gender roles (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).Additionally, the author will also contribute final thoughts on what male gender roles should be changed to reflect female roles.Gender and Sexual Identity Evolving through Lifespan When one is born, assignment of gender is given based on anatomical appearance (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).A person’s gender identity is the deepest feelings one has about their gender and is expressed by the way they behave feminine, masculine, neither or both (Planned-Parenthood, 2015).For most individuals gender identity is not much of a concern (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).Gender roles on the other hand are of much concern to people (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).Gender roles tell one how to act as either a man or woman in their culture.Channeling is used by directing children’s attention to objects that are gender specific such as dolls for girls and cars for boys (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).Parents during childhood also use verbal appellation to describe the same behavior with different words for boys and girls (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).Parents deploy the use of manipulation from infancy onward by treating girls gently, telling her she’s pretty (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).They tell boys they are strong and tell them that boys do not cry (Yarber & Sayad, 2012).


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