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To explain his point, Freud makes a direct comparison between the state of sleep and that of psychosis (extreme mental illness).

To explain his point, Freud makes a direct comparison between the state of sleep and that of psychosis (extreme mental illness).In both instances, the subject turns away "from the real external world" (19).In the case of psychosis, the subject 'turns away' because the conscious mind cannot handle reality, and so allows the unconscious to redefine the world.

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He further suggests that he has often relied on a patient's dreams in order to direct him towards the source of that patient's neurosis.

He announces his intention to address how dream theory has been developed since its inception, and uses the as a case study.

Continuing his hypothetical scenario, Freud describes how the psychoanalyst must listen attentively to the patient’s description of the dream, but resist the urge to interpret the dream's manifest content.

Instead, the analyst must ask the patient to focus on the dream's separate portions, relating them either chronologically or in order of clarity, and on the associations these separate elements have for him.

However, sleep is only a temporary and purposeful retreat from outside reality.

Thus, the psychic energy usually used on repression is relaxed during sleep.

It is only at this point that the analyst should interpret these associations, making a final connection between the manifest and latent content.

Freud acknowledges the argument that the analyst forces an interpretation onto the dream through this process, but counters that clinical experience reveals the effectiveness of such a treatment.

Sleep is essentially threatened by three forces: random bodily stimuli; lingering mental impressions, or feelings from the day; and unconscious desires that rise up while the conscious mind is relaxed.

Freud argues that dreams provide an outlet for a sleeper’s unconscious, repressed urges to connect with the lingering “day’s residue” in a harmless way (22).


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