Explain The Differences Between A Descriptive Essay And A Narrative Essay

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With descriptive writing you are not developing argument; you are merely setting the background within which an argument can be developed.

You are representing the situation as it stands, without presenting any analysis or discussion. There is also the trap that it can be easy to use many, many words from your word limit, simply providing description.

In revising a descriptive essay, students should reread their work with these considerations in mind: Always keep the reader in mind from opening to concluding paragraph.

A descriptive essay must be precise in its detail, yet not get ahead of itself.

It’s better to go from the general to the specific.

Otherwise, the reader will have trouble building the image in their mind’s eye.The Five-Step Writing Process for Descriptive Essays Professional writers know one thing: Writing takes work.Understanding and following the proven steps of the writing process helps all writers, including students.Here are descriptive essay writing tips for each phase of the writing process: 1.Prewriting for the Descriptive Essay In the prewriting phase of descriptive essay writing, students should take time to think about who or what they want to describe and why.Read what parents are saying about their children’s writing progress in Time4Writing courses.Descriptive essay is one of the hardest forms of writing.With critical writing you are participating in the academic debate. You need to weigh up the evidence and arguments of others, and to contribute your own.Writers use the descriptive essay to create a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing.Unlike a narrative essay, which reveals meaning through a personal story, the purpose of a descriptive essay is to reveal the meaning of a subject through detailed, sensory observation.The descriptive essay employs the power of language and all the human senses to bring a subject to life for the reader.


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