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Then I bought it back myself.’[iii] At one point the Moscow Film Bureau had somehow gained a copy of Goldman’s screenplay and offered to produce the film in Russia.

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The book in itself is a literary classic, and wonderful to read.

It is eclipsed these days, however, by its motion picture adaptation.

Let’s protect what we love about this book.”’[vi] One other person Reiner needed to convince was his regular producer Norman Lear.

Lear and Reiner’s careers first intertwined when the former cast the latter in the hugely successful sitcom ‘We had a conversation about the project,’ said Lear, ‘and I said, “Tell me, what is the lifeline of this picture?

Its origins lay, as I suspect many children’s stories do, in stories Goldman told his own children. ‘I think they were 7 and 4 at the time, and I said, “I’ll write you a story. ”’ One of them said, “A princess,” and the other one said, “A bride.” I said, “That’ll be the title.”’[ii] What makes Goldman’s novel so interesting is how it is structured.

is presented to the reader as an old classic novel written by the pseudonymous S.If he liked the screenplay he would buy it and make the movie. He sent me off to England to work with Richard Lester, who had just directed .I worked with him for two weeks, rewrote it, sent it back to the studio head, who loved it and was fired.‘The directors who I wanted wouldn’t go to Moscow for a year and a half, and the directors who would go to Moscow for a year and a half I didn’t want,’ said Goldman.[iv] In 1982 Goldman was approached by director John Badham about developing a he was the only one able to pull together the financial support to get his film produced. ‘I read it when I was a young guy and again, I’d read every one of his books. This is a book that if I had the ability to write and I could write something, I would write this book because it was so connected to my sensibility in my head. He emphasised how important it would be to translate the novel as accurately as possible.According to Reiner ‘we sat down and basically what I said to him was I said, “Bill I’ve read these…” I didn’t call him Bill I said Mr Goldman, “I’ve read these other drafts and I what I want to do is go right back to what you have in your book.” I said, “The only thing that I would say is that the Zoo of Death takes so long to go through the different levels. Let’s call it a Pit of Despair or something and make the one torture element happen there, you know? And then the prologue about how to find the book, I said, “We can’t do that.Goldman’s first produced screenplay, tells the story of Princess Buttercup, her one true love Westley the farmboy, and the evil Prince Humperdinck who comes between them.The book features pirates, monsters, swordsmen, death, resurrection, and true love overcoming all obstacles in the hunt for a happy ending.Foreign and home video rights were independently sold, market by market, to get as much funding up-front as possible.The laborious process ultimately secured Reiner a budget of roughly US million dollars. The fantasy adventure of the novel is framed by a grandfather (Peter Falk) visiting a sick grandson (Fred Savage) and offering to read him his favourite book. ” I said, “Peter, maybe we do it without the prosthetics?Morgenstern, and Goldman’s presentation is as an abridgement of that original work.It cuts out the parts that Goldman considers boring or unnecessary, and features a running commentary on what has been cut, kept or shortened from Morgenstern’s original.


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