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In 1962, Hughes left Plath for Assia Gutmann Wevill. Hughes did not write again for years, as he focused all of his energy on editing and promoting Plath’s poems.

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While in college he published a few poems, majored in Anthropolgy and Archaeology, and studied mythologies extensively. A few years later, in 1956, he cofounded the literary magazine St. At the launch party for the magazine, he met Sylvia Plath.According to Peter Davison in the “While inhabiting the bodies of creatures, mostly male, Hughes clambers back down the evolutionary chain.He searches deep into the riddles of language, too, those that precede any given tongue, language that reeks of the forest or even the jungle.They returned to England in 1959, and their first child, Freida, was born the following year.Their second child, Nicholas, was born two years later.This holds true for nearly all of his books, from contributor Thomas Nye, Hughes once confessed “that he began writing poems in adolescence, when it dawned upon him that his earlier passion for hunting animals in his native Yorkshire ended either in the possession of a dead animal, or at best a trapped one.He wanted to capture not just live animals, but the aliveness of animals in their natural state: their wildness, their quiddity, the fox-ness of the fox and the crow-ness of the crow.” However, Hughes’s interest in animals was generally less naturalistic than symbolic.In 1956 he met and married the American poet Sylvia Plath, who encouraged him to submit his manuscript to a first book contest run by The Poetry Center. The stereotypical poem of the time was determined not to risk too much: politely domestic in its subject matter, understated and mildly ironic in style.By contrast, Hughes marshaled a language of nearly Shakespearean resonance to explore themes which were mythic and elemental.” Hughes’s long career included unprecedented best-selling volumes such as (1997).Controversy surrounded his editorial choices regarding Plath’s poems and journals.In 1965, Wevill gave birth to their only child, Shura.


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