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newspaper's influential critic Kenneth Tynan, who saw it as the first totally original play of a new generation.

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Emma Fielding does a good job playing Alison, who has grown up with the one attitude but has been forced by her situation into the other.

Fielding gives a good performance as the woman who tolerates Jimmy's invective, living constantly with the threat of something erupting in front of her.

The "kitchen sink" dramatists—as their style of domestic realism became to be known—sought to convey the language of everyday speech, and to shock with its bluntness.

Eric Keown, reviewing magazine at the time, wrote that Osborne “draws liberally on the vocabulary of the intestines and laces his tirades with the steamier epithets of the tripe butcher”.

Appalled at what she finds, Helena calls Alison's father to take her away from the flat.

He arrives while Jimmy is visiting the mother of a friend and takes Alison away.

Or to understand the intellectual courage of saying about a gay man, “He's like a man with a strawberry mark—he keeps thrusting it in your face because he can't believe it doesn't interest or horrify you particularly.

As if I give a damn which way he likes his meat served up”.

In the same paper, Arnold Wesker described Osborne as having “opened the doors of theatres for all the succeeding generations of writers”.

came to exemplify a reaction to the affected drawing-room comedies of Noel Coward, Terrence Rattigan and others, which dominated the West End stage in the early 1950s.


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