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Partners are now free to proceed with divorce as calmly and rationally as they can manage.

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Despite widespread familiarity with the effects of divorce, the details of the divorce process are less well known.

In this section, we discuss the important concepts and procedures involved in the divorce process with the sincere hope that educating people regarding this information will help minimize pain.

Acceptable grounds for fault divorce varied from state to state, but usually included abuse, adultery, and abandonment.

The difficulty of gaining divorce, and a cultural climate that stigmatized divorce combined to keep divorce rates low.

Arbitration is available to help partners successfully divide their possessions without recourse to the courts.

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The quality of the divorce any given couple will end up experiencing will be deeply influenced by the quality of relationships the partners can maintain with each other, and with professional helpers they work with during the separation process.The third thing to know about divorce is that it isn't always awful.With the availability of no-fault divorce options, the process of divorce is no longer necessarily adversarial.We'll be dealing with the emotional and legal aspects of divorce separately in this document.The final thing to know up front about divorce is that divorce is not the end of the world.The fourth thing to know about divorce is that it is at once an emotional journey, and a legal process, and that it is best to keep these two aspects of divorce separate when that is possible.Marriage is a legal contract recognized by the state conferring rights, privileges and responsibilities.In the midst of the divorce crisis are seeds of opportunities for remaking life into something again enjoyable new and creatively good.It is important to keep this hopeful and true message in mind as the process unfolds.The topic of divorce would seem to require no introduction.Divorce refers to the often messy and painful end of a marriage.


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