Essays On A Doll'S House Feminism

He is merely living on the society’s conditions and wants to be respected.

We also see this when he refuses to give Krogstad his job back; people would think he has been influenced by his wife.

Nora had identical roles to those of the women at that time.

On the other hand, single woman like Miss linde had the opportunity to work but was forced to do low-paid and boring jobs.

This is how Ibsen emphasizes the rights of a woman in a male dominant society.

Some readers might argue on the points that I have made on these questions, but it altogether outlines the conflicts of women at that time.The theme of the play, a woman's right to individual self-fulfillment, was considered highly subversive in an age when women were not allowed to conduct business without the authority of a father or husband, and were considered to be their property.Women were not allowed to vote, and divorce, though allowed, carried a heavy social stigma and was available only when both partners agreed.Although he had an argument with Nora, he wanted her to stay (after receiving the I. U) because he was worried that people might not respect him as mjch as before.But Nora learns to be independent from this experience, and realizes her self esteem needs.Nora was her husband’s pet and he wanted her to stay just because he was concerned about his reputation.We see this clearly when Nora says “you weren’t concerned about me but only what might happen to you- and when all danger was past, you acted as though nothing had happened”. Women were rather uneducated, hence not allowed to borrow money or take a loan; it was against the society’s norms.The role of women was self-sacrificial, mainly depending on their marital status.Married women were treated differently than single women. However, Ibsen believes that all women must have equal rights and this statement has been highlighted appropriately.They needed the authority of the man who owned them; this also emphasizes the fact that it was a male dominant society.They were also restricted to stay at home; taking care of their children.


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