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This scene could be particularly tense except: Tarantino beautifully directs the two actors to be the coolest that they can be, and to enhance this effect, Tarantino uses only two different camera shots in the car.One shot (the lesser used of the two) is a camera looking straight at Jules' face.On the other hand, this movie is centered on the lives of two gangsters who have common affairs and duties, and their lives are hard to forecast but still easy to understand.

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With modern movies being so overly produced and cut, this is actually a pretty rare technique in film today; but, Tarantino uses seems to allude to many things of films past, this just being one of them.

is one of the most famous works by Quentin Tarantino that was released in 1994 in order to introduce the audience the peculiarities of American life from various perspectives.

Jackson) come to Brett’s in order to punish the character who tries to transgress their boss.

More than 5 minute, Jules communicates with the characters in order to clear up what happens and provide them with some time to live.

Some critics denounced Pulp Fiction for its violence, yet the film is not about the killings that happen in it.

Pulp Fiction is about its characters in potentially comic situations.

Almost each American movie has its own message or a couple of messages, its audience, functions, and power.

In case with Tarantino’s works, it is useless to admit that his movies may be interesting to one group of people and unclear to the others.

Using conventional directorial techniques, sometimes in unconventional ways, Tarantino gets the viewer to experience the hipness of his characters and to laugh at traditionally non-comedic scenarios.

To keep his audience calm and cool so that it may experience the hipness of the film, Tarantino uses a lot of long static camera shots.


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