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Early on, I learned that much of the process of brainstorming and finding a structure for a personal statement can be taught in groups.The Free Student Version provides a link you can give to your students so they can work step-by-step through the process on their own.

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He's excited to share everything he's learned over the last 10 years with the college counselors of the world.

INCLUDES: -The Guide to leading a 1-Hour, 2-Hour or 3-Hour Workshop -Step-by-step Counselor Guide -Step-by-Step Student Guide -The CEG Complete Video Library -A private Facebook Support Community -A copy of my book, College Essay Essentials -Additional outlines for leading: It’s incredibly efficient.

Training Day is a remarkable achievment, especially considering the level of writing and acting on display (only knock against the flick is Dre's cameo seems to always fall flat).

But it's Denzel Washington, you trust him the same way Jake trusts him.

I was diagnosed later in life, after I became a Ph D researcher (which I still am).

Just because it took longer for me to know does not mean that you should call me “high-functioning” or “mild” or any other word that is supposed to make you feel better about my autism.

Then he broke out the crack pipe, and forced him to smoke it at gun point.

Come to think of it that escalated pretty quickly, and was brilliantly pieced together to paint a perfect picture of Alonso. The bathtub scene where Hawke is screaming and pleading for his life is some of the best acting I've ever seen.

Then I was astounded to see it at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes. It fires on all cylinders and is instantly rewatchable and quotable. I saw Training Day when I was still pretty young and even wrote an essay on it in high school. You'll never see the light of the day who the fuck u think u fuckin with I' M THE POLICE.

I feel if this movie came out last week it would be in the 90s or at least the 80s. Tremendous film jarred in it's own tone and viewpoint which puts off a lot of critics. Rotten Tomatoes don't measure that though...... I didn't understand what a 'trope' was at the time but that was ultimately what my essay was about; how Training Day subverted the 'rough and tumble cop who gets things done in these here mean streets' by presenting a cop (Alonso) who seemed super corrupt but turned out to be, actually really super corrupt. You mothafuckas will be playin basketball in PELICAN BAY when I get finished wit chu! I RUN SHIT HERE U JUST LIVE HEREI've seen this movie a few times. When you really pay attention it seems obvious that he's a bad dude pretty quickly.


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