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This grade reflects the absence of an introduction, or the inclusion of one that is irrelevant to the assignment or to the essay that follows.

An essay whose final draft shows no effort to revise, improve, or continue refining the introduction since the working drafts will automatically receive a grade of “F” for its “Introduction.” 50% Analysis and development: Successful content will be determined by coherency and development of structured paragraphs; complexity of analysis or argument; use of the assigned rhetorical modes of development; adequacy of support; overall length compared to quality of content; transitions and organization.

Paragraphs may not be as complete, or they may lack sophisticated transitions that affect the overall coherency of the discussion.

Such an analysis may occasionally lose its focus, or stray temporarily from the thesis.

The length of such an essay will be appropriate to the complexity of topic, even if that means a longer, more involved essay.

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A “B” grade for the analysis and development will achieve the same goals as an “A” grade, but to a lesser extent, or with less success.

Its topic and thesis statement may be less original, sophisticated, or complex than an “A” introduction.

A “C” introduction may propose a thesis statement, but it may forget to include one or more of the other stages of an introductory paragraph.

Success of the introduction is based upon the following criteria: structure (context, text, and subtext); clarity ad and coherency; complexity of thesis; interest of introductory statements; adherence to the assignment topic.

The introduction presents the three stages (context, text, and subtext) with complete development, effective transitions and clear language.


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