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After that Pip felt terrible guilt and his more or less calm life turned into fear of being discovered.

The name of the convict was Magwitch, which is important because he appears in Pip’s life not only once.

Consequently, growing up in such environment definitely had a significant impact on his development.

Other characters of the novel also contribute to Pip’s feelings of guilt.

To illustrate, Pip once helped the escaped convict by stealing a file and food.

He knew that stealing was regarded as a crime but still did it.But after climbing the social ladder, he started to be ashamed that he was once a blacksmith boy.In addition to this, Pip was ashamed of Joe largely because he didn’t have any education.Check out the following sample to see how this type of papers should be written.written by Charles Dickens is considered to be a classic novel consisting of various levels that can be interpreted on several aspects.It is rich in literary features and enjoyable to read. The themes are prominent, making it easier to complete a paper on the novel.The strength and coverage of Great Expectations essay topics depends on your grade and requirements of the assignment.Considering this from another angle, Pip is young and innocent, if not take into account all the attempts to make him guilty, but some critics believe that Pip was happy in his mind when the assault on his sister had happened even though he did not take part in it (Trotter 10).For Pip, it was a sort of revenge for all the reproaches he experienced during his childhood.In the first chapter, the author describes the grim relationships prevailed in his family.Judging by Pip’s sister attitude towards him, Pip should have felt guilty about everything he did, even for his living.


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