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For the sake of consistency, The Sacred Scrolls is treating the year 3978 as the canonical year of events for both Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

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He gets first the gorilla Buck and then Rocket to acknowledge him as the new alpha.

Back the lab, Will decides to quit the company after the greedy CEO accelerates the testing to unsafe levels.

This Normal World continues for several years, as Caesar grows and becomes more and more intelligent.

First Plot Point: Years later, Caesar is now grown.

Second Pinch Point: After refusing to go home with Will, Caesar steals Will’s aerosol formula and exposes all the apes to it—enhancing their intelligence. This is obviously a positive turning point for Caesar, so we find the impetus of the left to the indication that Hamilton is becoming egregiously ill.

Third Plot Point: In a battle with the guards, Caesar speaks for the first time—then kills the guards and frees all the apes.

His lab assistant Hamilton is accidentally exposed—and begins experiencing alarming symptoms.

Midpoint: After meeting the Orangutan Maurice—who also knows sign language and who warns Caesar that humans don’t like smart apes—Caesar begins enacting his plan to help all the apes escape.

Although this occurs a little later than the 25% mark, this is clearly the First Plot Point, since it marks Caesar’s departure from his Normal World into the main conflict of the Second Act.

First Pinch Point: Released for the first time into the atrium with the other apes, Caesar is immediately singled out by the alpha male Rocket and attacked. Meanwhile, back at the lab, Will is beginning testing on a new form of the brain-boosting serum (with which Caesar’s mother had been injected while he was and which Will used to temporarily cure his father).


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