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[tags: Recycling, Pollution, Plastic, Landfill] - INTRODUCTION My college desires to either embark on a major recycling project or to expand a recycling program that currently exists.

There are numerous programs that the college could consider, but choosing the right one to commit to or to begin creating will take extensive research and planning.

Some say, recycling is great way to preserve our future and some say recycling can actually produce more pollutants.

The key elements to recycling by many environmentalists is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

[tags: Recycling] - Plastic is everywhere, from plastic credit cards to water bottles even to hospital IV bags.

It simplifies our lives in numerous ways, but due to improper disposal, plastic has a severely negative impact not only on our environment, but also on humans and animals.

Plastic pollutes our water sources, poisons humans, and kills animals.

Recycling and volunteering to clean up beaches are just a few of the many ways in which to help get the plastic pollution under control and to prevent further damage to our Earth....

- Recycling Importance of recycling is a question ask by researchers, scientists, environmentalists and by the normal households.

This has been a question discussed for some time but the key part is it making a difference in the world we live in.


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