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In the future, these crypts would host the tombs of the kings and queens of Great Kourend.

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The Council used the chambers in the Tower of Magic as their meeting place, and governed Great Kourend for fifty years from 5th BA to 1st BA (1,460 years ago).

Sometime during the rule of the Council of Elders, a famine struck the kingdom.

The request was granted, and the famine ends sometime after.

Today, the Hosidius House remains the largest House in Great Kourend.

Thus, the Lord of the Hosidius House, henceforth known as Lord Hosidius I, ruled Great Kourend for one decade.

The next lord to rule was Lord Lovakengj I, then Lord Shayzien I, Lord Piscarilius I and Lord Arceuus I.

In order to utilise teleports that take the player to the kingdom, players must have travelled to Great Kourend via Veos at least once.

The following section uses date conventions different from conventional formats.

For convenience, dates in this section will be followed by a conversion of the amount of years that has passed since an event.

Decades with BA, short for "Before Accord", following them refers to the time before the Accord was signed.


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