Essay On Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Some people have, however, argued that an increase in the number of illegal immigrants does not necessarily lead to a rise in crime rate.

A study done by Fox News (1) revealed that some states such as Illinois with a high population of illegal had a very small number of illegal immigrants who were prisoners.

Judicial Watch (1) observed that criminal gangs are in most cases made up of illegal immigrants responsible for many of the violent crimes taking place in the United States.

They are also accused of distributing drugs in (Judicial Watch 1).

This argument is supported by a recent research that clearly indicated that immigrants in California are less likely to commit crime than the natives and the number of immigrants in California serving prison sentences is small despite the fact the their population is considerably high (Kingsbury 1).

From the above discussion, it is possible to show that even though an increase in the number of immigrants in certain states will lead to the rate of crime going up, some states may not be affected by the rising population of illegal immigrants. This research paper on Illegal Immigration to the United States was written and submitted by user Jerry I. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

However, statistics have shown that Arizona as well as California and Texas are made to deal with the problem of increased crime that has resulted from the increased number of illegal immigrants (Fox News 1).

Research has shown that in Arizona, illegal immigrants have been known to collaborate with organizations that control smuggling activities to undertake criminal activities (1).

They, however, have given reasons to explain why a relationship between a high population of illegal immigrants and crime at the Border States might be possible (Orrenius & Coronado 3).

The first reason has to do with the assumption that illegal immigrants get involved in crime more than the Americans themselves.


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