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"The idea was to do something more progressive." Karvinkop added ankle ties to accentuate the volume.People who've never worn a sari might not know that it takes a lot of effort (and hands) to tie a long piece of cloth so it hangs like a single garmet.Of course, they are right to some extent, but I am of the conception that the drawbacks of following this trend outweigh its benefits.

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They are more active both inside and outside of homes. It is only natural and logical that clothing is evolving, too." Here, model Radhika Nair wears an Anavila sari over a T-shirt-like knit..

This outfit is a spin on that silhouette — Karvinkop paired a dress by Rimzim Dadu with woven pants, two modern pieces utilizing traditional Indian textiles.

With stylist Kanika Karvinkop as our guide, we captured a story about the nuanced politics of modern clothing.

This is all to say that when we went to India to shoot a story in Pushkar, Rajasthan about modern Indian fashion, we didn't try to shoot "new" Western trends or attempt to prove that "new" Indian trends look like Western clothing.

Some people believe that pursuing this trend is a good way of improving people’s lifestyles, while many others argue that people should dress something more comfortable.

I advocate the latter group at least for two main reasons elaborated below.

"Modern fashion in India is inspired from tradition — it's adding and modifying the fashion, and not really going against or breaking any rules," Karvinkop says.

But, regardless, it's still a departure from the norm — when we attempted to cast this story with a local model, most women we approached declined because the clothes were still considered improper.

It's one of the last great traditional Despite the rapid modernization in India, modern clothing is still seen as a symbol of modern ideas, no matter how much both respect tradition — it's a small version of the struggle that many women around the world are navigating.

For our purposes, it's a conversation Indian designers are having with Indian women: How do you respect cultural traditions while giving women more opportunities to choose their own traditions?


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