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There may be evolutionary causes for irrational beliefs — irrational beliefs may increase our ability to survive and reproduce.

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It was adopted unanimously on 24 April 1870 and was influenced by the philosophical conceptions of Johann Baptist Franzelin, who had written a great deal on the topic of faith and rationality.

Because the Roman Catholic Church does not disparage reason, but rather affirms its veracity and utility, there have been many Catholic scientists over the ages.

More recently Hans-Peter Großhans has demonstrated that Luther's work on Biblical Criticism stresses the need for external coherence in right exegetical method.

This means that for Luther it is more important that the Bible be reasonable according to the reality outside of the scriptures than that the Bible make sense to itself, that it has internal coherence.

Luther rather seeks to separate faith and reason in order to honor the separate spheres of knowledge that each understand.

Bernhard Lohse for example has demonstrated in his classic work "Fides Und Ratio" that Luther ultimately sought to put the two together.Aristotle set down rules by which knowledge could be discovered by reason.Rationalists point out that many people hold irrational beliefs, for many reasons.One more reason for irrational beliefs can perhaps be explained by operant conditioning. The result was that each of the pigeons developed their own idiosyncratic response which had become associated with the consequence of receiving grain.The belief that the universe is a sensible place and that our minds allow us to arrive at correct conclusions about it, is a belief we hold through faith.Luther's concern thus in separating them is honoring their different epistemological spheres.The view that faith underlies all rationality holds that rationality is dependent on faith for its coherence.Rationally, you can not prove anything you see is real, but you can prove that you yourself are real, and rationalist belief would be that you can believe that the world is consistent until something demonstrates inconsistency.This differs from faith based belief, where you believe that your world view is consistent no matter what inconsistencies the world has with your beliefs.Within the rationalist point of view, there remains the possibility of multiple rational explanations.For example, considering the biblical story of Noah's flood, one making rational determinations about the probability of the events does so via interpretation of modern evidence.


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