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Part II: Music of the Classical Period I Two of the great political events of that time were the French and American Revolutions.A third great political event toward the end of the classical period was Congress of Vienna.

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In many child development studies, research has shown very positive effects on the child's brain by just listening to classical music.

The research has demonstrated that auditory stimulation (listening to classical music) at an early age can increase the rate of development of synaptic connections in a young mind.

When discussing musical aspects of the classical period the term sonata principal is often used.

It is a movement in sonata form that is part of a larger work.

For example it has been proven to help the mind, it is also yet another way of expression, and it can also be used as therapy.

One of the most intriguing benefits of classical music is how it helps stimulate the brain.

Their architecture was very ornate and was meant to impress visitors.

Baroque palaces would usually have courts, grand staircases and reception rooms to show how wealthy they were. Music from this period was characterized by structural clarity.

It seems strange that classical music can have such a big effect.

However the doctors say that it clears the mind, helps focusing, and also is very relaxing.


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