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By Sathyavathi Essay on Child Labour - It is common in our country to see young children hawking goods on pavements, at traffic signals, in bus stops and even in front of huge stellar shops. It hurts to see children of a tender age waving their stuff in the only hope of making a sale.The situation becomes more uneasy when you have your child beside you.

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They are going to believe that money is everything in life.

They are at a higher risk to become thieves and criminals.

Moreover, market crashes like great depression resulted in a drastic decrease in demand for labour.

In this period, the societies began to support child labour abolishment.

What answers have we got for our curious children if they wonder why the kid of similar height has become a salesperson on the road?

And, what kind of future, will the small children forced to work on the streets, hotels, and various industries have?According to the International labour organization’s 2018 data, there are 152 million child labourers worldwide.This is a global issue and not an isolated problem of a particular nation.Among farmers, artisans, and traders, it was typical to train children in their respective professions.This was a practice when education was not formal in our society.These regions are affected by poverty, war, and illiteracy.Faced with extreme poverty and hunger, children are forced to leave their schools and earn money to eat.Problems arose when some children had access to education, and others didn’t have due to ignorance or poverty.This inequality became more profound after industrialization.In our country, the employment of children below 14 years in all occupations and processes is strictly prohibited.The UN (United Nations) works continually to create social awareness and strives to change the mindset of people so that they don’t indulge in such heinous acts.


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