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Kurosh believes this mess that is the relationship of his two countries stems from a sloppy, or snooty mis-translation.He hopes to spend the summer looking for early examples of poor translation in the Diba library, the largest collection of books about Iran not written in Persian.However, in recent decades the lyrics in modern rock, rap, hip-hop, and nearly all other music genres, have come to be seen as obscene and vulgar to today's society.

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"WBLS/New York announced it will no longer play songs it feels encourage violence, misogyny, or vulgarity; WPGC/Washington, D. reaffirmed a bleep-and-ban policy; BET unveiled a ban on 'violent' rap videos; and WCKZ/Charlotte exiled gangsta rap to late night airplay" (Rock 1). If rap artists and rock groups are censored they will lose what drives them the most; their freedom to write and perform what they choose.

Many rap artists grow up in tough neighborhoods where their families struggle to survive.

The lead title essay, wherein Svenonius stridently insists state approval of art is more dangerous than censorship, is the book’s most convincing piece.

A chapter that touts the oft-mocked practice of collecting physical things as a counter to the homogenizing minimalism of Apple and Ikea rings true, as does one on the poisonous effects of tipping in the service industry, which essentially forces workers to pay each other.

, some readers on social media questioned his sincerity and even his sanity.

Many seemed to have already answered for themselves; their reaction was really less "is he serious?" than "surely he can’t be." It turns out Svenonius’ writing is a lot more interesting if you keep asking this question——while you read, without ever deciding.Because it’s never quite clear whether his grand statements, provocative polemics, and jump-cutting through political and cultural history are genuine, ironic, deceptive, or heartfelt.Censorship mandated by the Ministry of Culture occurs in every aspect of life in Iran.The government’s guidance is sacrosanct because it says so.But contrary to popular belief the most effective method of adherence is not state-mandated regulation, but the hegemony of self-censorship from 40 years of fear, not faith.Epilogue A family friend sent me this joke: “An inmate at Evin prison goes to the library to look for three books.They search for a way to make the world understand what they went through as they grew up.Leland states, "Often the words reflect the frustration over poverty, drugs, violence, poor schools, family breakdown and racial tension&...Music has thrived in America since its establishment over two centuries ago.In those two centuries people have enjoyed listening to music ranging from classical to rap music.


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