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Macbeth is indeed a bit too complex to be categorised as a villain or a hero.

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We learn that even though the government thinks they're doing the best for the country (and the resistance is a disturbance to the peace), the resistance thinks they're doing the right thing.

The main character used to belong to the government but was captured by the resistance, and became loyal to them.

Macbeth, however, quickly becomes something of a villainous character.

He commits murder and puts his entire kingdom in danger.

There's this Russian fanfic of The Lord of the Rings, where the POV is the one of the Orcs in progressive Mordor, and the enemy is the reactionary White Council with their attempts to revive the old monarchy with one supreme ruler over all of the West.

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My favorite book I wrote had this exact theme, in fact, that evil is not always so black-and-white.

The story is about a country with a corrupt government, where the bad guys are the ones who form the resistance.

If you use that kind of mindset, then you might as well call George Clooney's character in a villain. One of those films was from the thief's point-of-view, and the other film was not.

We could argue that Alan Rickman's character was more "evil" since he killed innocent people, but this isn't about how mind.


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