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I believe that the use of pathos, when done correctly, can be very moving and persuasive.

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An example of this would be when he talks about the way he loses focus in a text and that he feels he is “dragging his wayward brain back” to whatever he was reading.

Carr uses this metaphor, giving an action to an object, to show the reader exactly the difficulty he has staying focused on a reading and how he has to almost ‘physically’ bring his mind back to the text. Another example of this strategy of pathos would be how he says that he “once was a scuba diver in the sea of words.

Since Rachels also considers Randian Ethical Egoism specifically (which he describes as mischaracterizing altruism as something that necessarily puts the interests of others above one’s own), and given the current political climate of this country (where some equate Randian ethics with a moral mandate for a market without government regulation and an end to government subsidies), I wondered what Rachels’ argument would have to say about living in (and perhaps being complicit in) a capitalist country that necessarily creates and perpetuates inequality, which he might call “unacceptably arbitrary.” Would such an economic system necessarily be immoral in his view, rather than just amoral, as it’s often described?

I’m really not entirely sure if Rachels’ moral doctrine of equality conflicts with economic doctrines – I want to hear what other people think.

Carr uses personal experience, vivid imagery, and analysis backed by research to hook the viewer in and persuade them that in today’s society, the internet is causing mainly problems.

Although Carr has his own personal experiences with the negative effects of the web, he also did his research on how other writers had agreed with him on the subject to help support his strategies of logos.With reading on the web, people don’t read the entire article and it is seen that they bounce from page to page, losing focus quickly.Carr uses this information because the reader can relate to it, like himself.The use of the evidence from the other writers helps to draw in the reader and show them the effects of the internet with the help of reputable resources.In the article, he states that one of the articles he gained information from had said, “It is clear that users are not reading online in the traditional sense”; that the way we read now is what you would call ‘skimming’ or reading “horizontally through titles, contents pages and abstracts going for quick wins”.He compares the differences of the past and the present and how he feels how it has changed not only himself, but others as well and how they are able to comprehend and focus due to the growing nature of the web.While comparing this, he accumulated research from several credited writers who feel the same way he does about the effects of the web.While using the strategy of facts and evidence can be effective, Carr also uses vivid imagery and detailed wording to reel the reader in.The author uses the strategy of pathos to make the reader interpret his views the way that he sees them himself.Although this seems like a strong strategy to relate to a different age based audience, it could also conflict with others that already have a set perceived notion about these effects.In another part of the article he contradicts himself by using the information from James Olds, a professor of neuroscience, when he states that the human mind is very malleable and has the ability to reprogram itself.


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