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The range of rhythms in prose is larger and grander than that of poetry.

And it can handle discursive idea, and plain fact, as well as character and story.

For Annie Dillard — modern mystic, sage of writing, champion of the creative spirit — the essay is not only an immensely valuable genre of literature, but also a pinnacle of thought and a hallmark of the writer’s aspiration for significance.

In the introduction to the altogether excellent anthology ), which she edited, Dillard explores the misunderstood merits of the essay, a form she considers to be the short form of nonfiction, much as the short story is the short form of fiction.

His work is full of originality and represents a mixture of various techniques.

Experimentation, freshness and playfulness are key elements in his work, which strongly reflects in his finished pieces.The real world arguably exerts a greater fascination on people than any fictional one; many people, at least, spend their whole lives there, apparently by choice.The essayist does what we do with our lives; the essayist thinks about actual things.So the narrative essay may become the genre of choice for writers devoted to significant literature.In some ways the essay can deal in both events and ideas better than the short story can, because the essayist — unlike the poet — may introduce the plain, unadorned thought without the contrived entrances of long-winded characters who mouth discourses… And yet there must be a reason why the essay is what we turn to when we set out to assess human potential, as in college applications, and discuss matters of cultural charge, as in op-eds. White remarked in his reflection on the art of the essay.He co-founded the collective No-Domain and directed many commercials.Whilst Martin was part of No-Domain, the collective was represented by the New York based production company, Blacklist, Part of Psyop, Inc. His road through philosophy was not so much an interest in theory but a desire to live a “good life”, which he expresses through cultural organizing and activism.You get to make up your own structure every time, a structure that arises from the materials and best contains them.The material is the world itself, which, so far, keeps on keeping on.


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