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At the beginning the poet feels alone: But the butterfly, having lead the poet to discover a beautiful tuft of flowers, like a fire, made him rethink that.He then understood that we are all interconnected, that although there wasn’t any persona message in leaving the flowers there, there are people in the world that think the same way as him.

But in “Provide, provide” the rhyming pattern aaabbbccc, etc and the simple iambic rhythm attributes some kind of nursery rhyme quality to it.

How young an audience are we talking about, I wonder?

In “Out, out-” the poet returns to the theme of isolation.

Their devotion to hard work isn’t portrayed as a positive trait.

In any case, it is a hint at the fact that what is being discussed in that poem is so vitally important that it should be taught to little kids!

The dark humour of the poem, however, returns us to the thought of how truly poignant is the fall of this lady, Abishag, depicted in the first verse.It is very atmospheric, the reader can’t help but feel exposed to the glowingly warming sunlight of the endless field. It isn’t only good for making us, urban dwellers, engage with the beauty of nature.The major themes examined here are loneliness and isolation, all too familiar to the young audience.The mood is one of regret and there is a sequence of contradiction in the poem.At first the poet admits that he took the less travelled road: “it was grassy and wanted wear,” then he decides that they were really the same in that regard: “the passing there had worn them really about the same.” In the end, in the last few lines of the poem he returns to his original opinion.In poems such as "A Prayer in Spring" and "To the Thawing Wind," the speakers show appreciation of nature's beauty surrounding them. Robert Frost is generally considered to be the premier American poet of his generation.He is identified almost exclusively with New England, for most of his poetry attempts to capture the essence of rural life in the New England states. The poem "Mending Wall" by the prominent American poet Robert Frost has often been viewed as one of his favorite pieces of verse.I think that his shows that the poet is still unsure, he is regretful one minute but the next he decides that he was right…This is what all of us have done and because to young people this can be somewhat new and daunting, this poem helps one to understand the matter much better.The cynical comment about having people who were paid to attend your funeral is probably the strongest image in this sequence:“Mending Wall” is also saturated with striking imagery and is satirical rather than cynical.The wall is destroyed by frost, a well known fact, but the poet makes a subtle pun of his name.


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