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Each generation is free to modify the cultural heritage and then transmits it to the next generation.

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Culture is the sum total of acquired traits which man acquires by socialization process.

As such, a culture is good if it gratifies the social and ethical needs of man.

So, there persists a wide gap between the two types of culture.

Famous sociologist Ogburn also finds out two types of culture—material and non-material culture—one progresses and other recedes.

Culture shock is theoretically divided into 5 stages.

They are reminiscent of the stages of grief and loss, and represent human way of getting used to dramatic changes.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.Asking questions about the new environment, comparing the answers they would give at home, a person eventually finds solutions to a number of problems that could have seemed fatal.Once this stage is over, the most troublesome period of getting used to the life in a new environment is completed. You slowly but surely learn how to perceive your new way of life as a regularity, not a stress factor.Having acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, individual gets completely blended into the culture, that seemed to be impossible to adapt to.Ideally, a person learns how to balance between staying faithful to their roots and loving new place they live in. Various parts of culture are integrated with each other. Man is interwoven with cultural mainstreams and becomes part and parcel of it. Culture is idealistic as it stands for ideals, norms and patterns of behaviour. Non-material culture includes all those ideals, attitudes and values which modify the behaviour of an individual— language, literature, art, music, religion, customs, tradition, morality, law, poetry. Culture is the manifestation of individual’s mind in different environments and circumstances. As a result, there is seen how one group accepts another’s culture in their styles of living. Culture is modified and renewed in the light of new experiences. V., radio, machines, gadgets and various means of transport and communication.Culture shock is almost inevitable, unless you come to live in a foreign environment for a period of time, that is longer than an average vacation.To deal with it successfully, one has to be ready for it and think of the ways of changing the situation for the better.


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