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It does not matter whether the generalization or bias is positive or negative, the inaccurate evaluation of a person due to perceptive shortcuts can reduce effectiveness of decision makers, and their ability to deal with reality and make the best decisions based on this reality.

Instead of perceptive shortcuts, good decision making should be the result of implementing rational models, which involve adequate evaluation, which a clear and objective criterion for the assessment of any decisions that are made, and end in a rational set of objectives that lead from this criteria.

Making decisions is a very complicated procedure, and requires the consideration of many different factors. A person does not come to a decision by it simply popping up in their mind.

Instead, decisions are constructed on perceptions, which are essentially shortcuts which are used when judging situations and information, which shape decisions, especially when they are of an ethical and moral nature.

This is analogous to saying that a student who gets 50% in a paper does very well if all the other students get 40% for the same paper, even though the result is technically average.

The problem with these perceptive shortcuts is that they are often detrimental.Ethical decision making is also at the mercy of perception.While organizations try to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, the fact remains that most day to day decisions are made so on an entirely subjective basis, which a hard to codify when you take more than one person into account.Deciding whether or not to answer your phone is a decision to engage—the same kind of decision you have to make when it comes to your composition class assignments. Each potential topic is like a ring on your phone: “Answer me! Or maybe that topic is like an automated phone survey, and you just can’t get interested in the issue. Rather than starting with an empty page, I sometimes feel like I’m starting with every possible phrase, thought, and a dozen dictionaries.In order to produce the best writing you can—and not be miserable while you’re doing it—you’re going to want to pick a topic that really, truly interests you, with which you are excited to engage, about which you have the resources to learn, and about which you can envision having something to say. By writing, you are entering into a conversation with your readers, with others who have written about the topic, and others who know and/or care about it. There are so many stories I could tell, so many sources I could cite, so many arguments I could make to support my point!There are so many details I could include to make a description more vivid, but using them all would turn my article into a novel. By making my article funny, maybe more people would read it.But by making it serious, it might appear more trustworthy. My piece of writing could be so many things, and many of them might be good.For example, a manager who hates discrimination in eh workplace may be more incline to promote people from ethnic minorities, and a Christian publishing house may have members who strongly resist capricious content in new publications.As such, our ethical principles will also have a very large influence on what we think is right and wrong, which can be a detriment to embracing new ideas and policies. It represents in no small way the subjective and irrational consciousness of man, which can either be a compliment to rational models, or a detriment.Dove also states that people are not very willing to go outside of their comfort zone, or to adopt radically new strategies when it comes to new alternatives.This behavior will always limit the options available for improving situations and solving issues.


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