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Although it may not strictly be inert, matter is most definitely unthinking.

[Essay IV x 9-10] Materialism can never account for the emergence of thought in a universe containing only senseless matter.

Since I know intuitively that I exist as a thinking thing, and since nothing can be made to exist except by something else which both exists and has powers at least equal to those of each of its creations, it follows that from all eternity there must have existed an all-powerful cogitative being.

[Essay IV x 3-6] This amounts to a variation on the Aristotelean / Thomistic cosmological argument for God’s existence: there is an instance of thinking; every thinking thing proceeds from some other thinking thing; but there cannot be an infinite regress; so there must have been a first thinking thing, or God.

Does God Exist - Things to Consider Once you're ready to ask the question, "does God exist?

" here are a few observations to consider as you begin your search for an objective answer: If your curiosity has been piqued and you desire to look into this matter further, we recommend that you consider the world's assortment of so-called Holy Books. And if He has revealed Himself, surely He exists... Locke was also interested in traditional issues about the relation between faith (assent to revealed truth) and reason (discovery of demonstrative truth) as alternative sources of human conviction.For propositions about which the certainty of demonstrative knowledge is unavailable, our assent may be grounded upon faith in revelation; but Locke argued that the degree of our confidence in the truth of such a proposition can never exceed our assurance that the revelation is of genuinely divine origin, and this itself is subject to careful rational evaluation.[Essay IV ix 3] Notice, however, that Locke declined the further implications of the Cartesian inference to sum res cogitans.Thinking, he argued, is merely an activity of the soul, not its essence; so the continued existence of an individual thinking thing does not necessarily entail its continuous consciousness. An answer to this fundamental question is a prerequisite for answering the other big questions of life: Where did we come from? If, for example, I am already dedicated to the philosophical idea that nothing can exist outside of the natural realm (i.e. My answer would be "No, He doesn't," regardless of whether God truly exists or not. " we first have to deal with our philosophical predispositions.[Essay IV iii 6] But the ultimate origin of thinking itself is another matter.According to Locke, the existence of God is an instance of demonstrable knowledge in any reasoning being. Does God Exist - A Philosophical Issue Before we ask the question "Does God exist? The question of the existence of God is fundamental.


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