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International students are expected to go through culture shock. Prime candidates for intense culture shock are first-generation college students, students who performed well in high school with little effort, and students who have moved from a large city to a small college town or vice versa.When the college environment is quite different from the original home environment, traveling through the curve may take longer.The person new to the environment realizes the differences between the two cultures and longs for something familiar. This is often the stage during which stereotypes, such as “the dollar-grabbing American,” “lazy Mexicans,” or “that college doesn’t care about students,” are formed the person in this stage may try to escape from the uncomfortable environment.

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When a cultural adventurist returns to her native environment, she goes through a reentry process that follows the same curve.

She is excited to be home, feels some hostility when it is not the same as she remembers it, sees humor in the differences between the two cultures, and eventually again feels at home in her original culture.

Sometimes the honeymoon lasts for such a long time that an outsider might assume that the person has already passed through the other stages and considers the new culture home.

When the person finally moves into the next phase, her behavior can come as a surprise to those who have made this assumption.

Chapter Nine Lecture Idea 2: Culture Shock Culture shock is precipitated by the anxiety that results from a person’s losing all of her familiar signs and symbols of social interaction.

When a person enters a strange culture, familiar cues are removed.Without these unwritten rules regarding appropriate behavior, people may experience frustration and anxiety.Studies show that predictable stages occur when people enter a new culture, country, or environment.The length and intensity of each stage varies from person to person.The following steps are involved: Honeymoon phase—The person is fascinated by and eager to explore the new environment.Without hesitance, I spent the last two months packing and making the final preparations before moving to a new continent.Although it was a bittersweet time, leaving my beloved family behind, I knew that I couldn’t resist the treasure that waited for me in the new land.People who are conscious of their choice to be in the new environment will find it easier to cope during this stage.However, refugees often feel trapped and have difficulty moving beyond hostility.Coming from a developing nation the high level of sophistication that greeted me on arrival to America made feel like I was in paradise.My brother who was already was living in America picked me from the Dallas Fort Worth airport.


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