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“Inheritance” is also crippled by bloat – the same sort of bloat that afflicts almost all of Robert Jordan’s later work.There comes a time when every writer must sacrifice subplots and extraneous characters in the name of the greater story.

But as the book hits its third act, the story suddenly explodes into pulse-pounding life.

A series of clever, expectation-defying twists is thrown in, leading to a thrilling and deeply satisfying climax.

It all sounds terribly clichéd to anyone who’s read much fantasy.

And the first 500 pages of “Inheritance” (it’s a colossal 850-page volume) are a predictable slog.

Most of the major plot elements here have been clear almost from the start of the series.

Good guys fight enemies, suffer a few minor struggles along the way, and approach the final battle. I wasn’t holding my breath for anything spectacular.

Backed by a host of allies – elf princess Arya, rebel commander Nasuada, Eragon’s brawny cousin Roran, dwarf king Orik, and others – they press forward through enemy city after enemy city.

And all the while, they must contend with Eragon’s half-brother Murtagh, a fallen Dragon Rider allied with Galbatorix.

If that has to be done by killing off unneeded characters, so be it.

These elements shouldn’t have been there in the first place unless they advance the plot somehow.


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