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Open gym was like this — you came in and played for a couple hours, and if the coach liked what he saw, he kept that in mind during tryouts. I played well in open gym, impressed the coaches and other kids who were going out for the team, and subsequently left having made a few friends. He was relatively young, dressed in baggy clothes like we did (remember, this was the late 90s) and talked in streetball slang that we could all understand. Because we’d gone through so much craziness the year before, there was no guesswork involved— we all knew what was required.

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some players may not always agree with the coaching philosophy examples they have to deal with, but the coach always has the needs of the team in mind below is an essay on “coaching” from anti essays, your source for research papers, basketball coaching philosophy essays example essays, and term paper examples.

also in coaching i will have a big basketball coaching philosophy essays example feel for the atmosphere, grow as an individual, and have a team that will bond together and get better as a team.

Kavanaugh’s discussion of his coaching had a more light-hearted tone during his first week of hearings.

About teamwork, about group dynamics, about yourself. I was fairly tall for my age, but not quite the tallest person on the team, and frankly, was a little undersized to play center or power forward. A kid named Joe was returning to the team and he was a sophomore. Day in and day out we were matched up together, and even though he outsized me, I was faster and had a better shooting touch. At the school he was a drug counselor, and he’d come into our classes giving little presentations on why we should “JUST SAY NO” and all that other stuff. Before the game, we spent a lot of time in the locker room. He sensed that we were all nervous.“Nobody believes in you guys,” he said. “The difference between winning and losing in life and in basketball is this right here.”He pointed at his chest.“Heart.”“Heart,” he said. But we had just beaten two really great teams in convincing fashion. We also relied heavily on our physicality and athleticism. What also helped was the fact that we were all friends off the court.

during a game, basketball coaches are highly visible and close to the spectators intercultural understanding essays packed behind in sarojini naidu in hindi essay on my mother the stands the identity your coach creates can leave a tremendous impact in you as a player and rotman mba video essay assignment one that can basketball coaching philosophy essays example form your ideas of a coaching philosophy in later life.

as a coach, basketball coaching philosophy essays example an individual needs to have.

If you’re going to embarrass someone, do it in good sport. In our first game of the season, on the very first possession, we all passed the ball around the perimeter like it was a hot potato, everyone seemingly afraid to shoot the damn thing. There was one guy in particular, Jay, who was about the same size as me, but he was far more athletic and eager to make an impression. “If they’re not passing you the ball, you go and get the ball.”I stared at him blankly.“Shots are going up, why aren’t you getting the rebounds? “If you want the ball, work for it.”The season wore on and we had many issues with our team.

As my high school girlfriend and all her friends cheered from the bleachers, the 14-year-old Paul raced down the court thinking he’d just scored his first basket on the way to the NBA hall of fame. But when I got subbed out of the game, the guys who were coming in for me were playing like animals. He just put his head down, kept working hard and in the games— where it really counted— he was a presence. “I got a few rebounds right away, scored two points and blocked a shot.”I was lying. Well, when you’re in there, you need to make a difference,” he said. I saw it in open gym, I saw it in practice, but I’m not seeing it now.”“But how am I supposed to show you something if I’m not playing? “And when I’m in there, the guys aren’t even passing me the ball.”He looked at me like I was crazy.“Son,” he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

He was taller than me, stronger too, and was a skilled ballplayer. Any time I had the opportunity to score on him, I did. He had been a heroin junkie at one point, which made him extra qualified. Despite our better play, we were expected to lose the first game of the playoffs and for our season to be over. Because we were a scrappy public school team— a bunch of rag tag guys from the projects and some surrounding ‘nice’ neighborhoods— going up against a polished Catholic school club that had destroyed us earlier in the season. We were an imposing bunch, muscling the private school kids around. To come that far and lose, that’s something that stays with you for life. Not friends like BFFs, but friends like, we all pretty much liked each other. Our entire starting lineup wound up averaging double-figures in points and we handily beat teams that just a year prior would have walloped us. What we lost, those guys, they were the real stars.

I knew that if I wanted to play, I needed to prove myself against him. Few of us could really relate— it’s not like we were drug addicts— but he never missed a practice and would check up on us at school during the day. After their brouhaha, each coach gave us their pitch as to why they should be the one to lead the team. Almost our entire team was black, but we unanimously picked the white guy to be the coach. But in the championship, our opposition was prepared. They celebrated right in front of us, dancing on the court and carrying on like…like… We played streetball together after school, hung out in the cafeteria, listened to a lot of the same music. Our team didn’t feel like it was just thrown together. We played road games on courts our school had never won on, and came away with victories.


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