Equilibrium Of Rigid Bodies Solved Problems

Equilibrium Of Rigid Bodies Solved Problems-4
Determine the tension and angular acceleration of each rope at the exact moment the beam is released from rest.are the tensions in the two ropes and the center of mass is at the centroid of the beam.

diagram The weight of the pipe 2943N passes through the centroid of the body.

The reactions T, F, P are normal to the supporting surfaces.

Determine the required tension P, the reaction at A, and the angle 휃 made by the beam with the horizontal in the elevate position. 2 Question 3 Determine the magnitude T of the tension in the supporting cable and the magnitude of the force on the pin at A for the jib crane shown. 3 Fig 4 Question 4 The 20-kg homogeneous smooth sphere rests on the two inclines as shown. The mass of the mower with attached grass bag is 50-kg with mass centre at G.

The beam AB is a standard 0.5-m I-beam with mass of 95-kg per meter of length. If θ = 15°, determine the normal forces 푁퐵푎푛푑 푁퐶 under each pair of wheels B and C. Compare with the normal forces for the conditions of θ = 0 and P = 0.

The road is horizontal and the two identical tires can be considered as one, with a single normal reaction and negligible frictional force; the air resistance will also be neglected.

(a) Compute the normal force in the tires and the vertical force at point P, when the speed is constant.of unknowns Smooth surface support Ball and socket Single journal bearing Single hinge You can refer to Table for other types of Example Ball and socket Single journal bearing A rod is supported a joint at A, a journal bearing at B and a short link at C. Determine all the support reactions for the loading shown. Question 1 Calculate the tension 푇 in the cable which supports the 1000 푁 load with the pulley arrangement shown.0 and 0 External forces include applied loads, support reactions, and the weight of the body body is considered rigid when deformations between its parts are negligible before and after applying a load. Example Two smooth pipes, each having a mass of 300 kg, are supported the forks of the tractor.Draw a FBD for both pipes together, assuming no friction at all contact surfaces.The resultant couple in pint A will not include the forces acting on the foot and will lead directly to the value of the tension in the rope: The friction in the tires is static and the frictional forces are in the direction opposite to the motion of the truck, because none of the wheels have traction.The resistance of the air was neglected, since the speed must be low.Assume that the weight of the hammer can be neglected, compared to the other forces and that there is enough friction in A to prevent the hammer from sliding. If the nail is extracted without making the hammer accelerate, the tangential and normal acceleration of the hammer are both zero; therefore, the hammer is in equilibrium.Hence, the sum of the moments of the forces about any point is zero.The sign of the solution will indicate whether the assumption is correct or not. Equilibrium in 2 Dimensions Basic equilibrium equations: 0, 0, 0 (most commonly used) where A is any point in the plane of the forces. Important Notes When solving equilibrium problems: 1. Choose an equation with the least amount of unknowns (e.g. Practice Problems A force P is applied to a bend rod ACD, which is supported a pin and a roller in 3 different ways. Since the directions of the reactions at A and D are known, we can solve the problem drawing the force triangle.An alternative set of equations of equilibrium is: 0, 0, 0 where the points A, B do not lie on a line A third possible set of equations of equilibrium is: 0, 0, 0 where the points A, B, C do not lie on a straight line. For each arrangement, determine the reactions at the supports. Example For link BD to satisfy equilibrium, the reaction at D must be directed along DB. The unknown reactions are shown in the positive sense. Apply the equilibrium equations in appropriate order.


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