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In terms of the narrative, Burton's films, at least from this time, tend to feature a protagonist that Brubaker calls the "heroic loner", which is quite a departure from the traditional underdog hero that was (and still is) popular in films in that Burton's heroes aren't lowly nerds that desire companionship or acceptance from others in their community.

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All characters are fascinatingly aesthetic wise in a refreshing aspect.

The white queen’s beauty is rather strange yet agreeable in an open-minded sense; defined eyebrows, crimson lipstick with snow pale skin.

It is with clever thought of the use of German expression in which Burton is able to be widely renowned as a very different director of film directing.

Characters with similar traits and lessons for the main character reappear in Tim Burton’s films, in addition, Burton tends to keep the same producing team (? This allows the familiarisation between Burton and the team, lessening the explanations and such of the layout, thoughts of the film he wants when in production.

Where the hurtful reality plays a major role in the film, with the effective use of camera angles and shots.

Such as a scene where Edward is peering on the right of a wooden door, a direct middle upper shot with heavy shadowing.

There is not much colour tone aside from black and blue, attempting to draw emotions of fear from the audience.

Ed’s facial expression complements the lighting well, it creates a soft shade somewhat blending his scars with the light source.

His reuse of certain features in his films truly distinguishes his film styles from other directors, such as…

Designed to be used with Edward Scissorhands, this resource, aimed at students aged 11-14, provides simple-to-use activities that are a fun way to start a film club.


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