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She announces that she’s there for tutoring because she’ll be entering school once again. He tells her he’ll be headed to the pub, and then begins to speak with Rita. She points out a nude painting and jokes with Frank, who seems fascinated by her.He offers her a drink and reveals his bottles hidden around his office.

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It features only two actors and takes place entirely in the office of a university lecturer.

It explores the relationship between education and one’s life, and the ways that problems follow us when we try to escape them.

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This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of is a play written by Willy Russell.

She calls herself Rita after the author of her favorite book, .

She admits that her husband isn’t happy about her desire to improve herself and that she feels like she doesn’t want to be part of the ignorant masses anymore.Rita feels trapped by what he thinks are choices, however, saying that they aren’t real choices.Frank invites her to a dinner party Julia is hosting, but Rita doesn’t attend.She tells him that he needs a haircut, but he denies it.In their conversation, she asks him questions about literary terms, and she admits that her name is actually Susan.The play could be staged in a number of ways, and when considering how staging would best reflect the themes and passage of time, I must consider set, costume and lighting, as well as how each of the characters should play their part.The play focuses mainly on the relationship between Frank and Rita, and the structure shows a clear crossover within their respective roles.He wants her to produce real criticism, but this is difficult for her to do.She read a Forster book that Frank mentioned but couldn’t get into it because Forster mentioned that he hated poor people. Rita asks Frank if he is married, and he says that he was once.Rita tells Frank how hungry she is to learn and that the people around her have no culture.She is tired of listening to everyone’s inane conversations as a hairdresser and she’s looking for something more.


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