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Based on data from the Population Studies Center at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, the study reported that homework in that group increased to 2 hours and 8 minutes a week, from 52 minutes a week, between 19.Try telling Westchester parents, especially those in high-powered schools, that homework hasn't increased significantly if at all.'' Students are so much more active outside of school now -- with soccer, sports, dance -- that even if homework might be the same amount, it's more difficult to manage,'' said Anne Wallace, the director for guidance at the middle and high schools in Rye Neck.Both said: '' The issue comes up every year.

The study, released as part of the 2003 annual Brown Center Report on American Education, said the exception was homework for children ages 6 to 8.

We're also dropping subject matter down a grade. In order to prepare for more interactive classes, kids have to do more at home.'' STUDENTS see several stages of homework, said Paul Folkemer, assistant superintendent for instruction and curriculum in Scarsdale.

'' Because of the English language arts exam, and also because of math and science, fourth grade is seeing a significant change in the amount of work,'' he said in a telephone interview, but the big changes come in middle school.

They're doing it to get it done.'' The reasons for an increase in homework are several.

'' Because of the standards and testing, kids these days are asked to write, and organize information in a much more complicated way than in the past,'' said Lisa Freund, a former special education teacher who now tutors students after school.


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