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There are some extra points that are worth making: There is a recommended length for each report. There are several reasons why this limit should be adhered to: It is useful to begin each report with a brief summary of your topic to remind the selected members of your thesis group of what you are doing. It is certainly true that you cannot state precisely and in detail what you intend to be doing twenty-four months later.

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Consider your fallback strategies for if your hoped-for results turn out differently, or take longer than expected.

In general, the spring reports (4 and 6) should include skills development plans, while the autumn reports (3, 5, 7) should include reviews of your activities.

When a programme committee review a conference paper, they look for results (or whatever criteria they have specified).

When a thesis group looks at a report, they are looking for the kind of progress typical of a student working in that kind of area at that stage in their research.

You will want to review the previous work that is relevant to your topic.

The most common mistake is to make this review a list of previous papers in-filled with a small amount of text to link the components.Induction School Resources Getting Involved Attendance & Absences Monitoring & RSMG Skills Development Teaching & Demonstrating Conferences Writing Up Submitting your Thesis Research Conduct Problems Useful Links Progress reports should report progress.Some research students feel that they should report results, which is usually very different from progress.Otherwise the reader has no idea what you are leading up to.The introduction is not the place for a tutorial on the topic: this can come in the next section, if necessary.A thesis proposal (TP) is exactly what it says: a proposal of the topic of your thesis.It marks the point at which the School assesses whether a student has made sufficient progress to have a reasonable chance of completing a satisfactory research thesis, usually a Ph D thesis.Actually, there are four main kinds of reports: Each of these types of report is described in more detail below and this is followed by some more general comments on the form of reports.The matters to be covered in the subsequent reports are described below and this should be used each time to give a structure to your report.Conference papers are written and submitted when the author has got to a necessary level of achievement. They are written at certain, predefined times during a student's period of study.Thus, they don't have to present a result (like a conference paper); instead they present a "snap-shot" of the student's progress.


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