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The Committee for the Economics of Education of the German Economic Association awards a biannual prize of 2,000 Euro for the best dissertation in the area of economics of education.

The ISA is a community of scholars committed to rigorous research grounded in deep understanding of industries, geography, workplaces, and firms.

We bring together scholars from disciplines including management, economics, sociology, engineering, operations research, law, economic geography, public policy, and more.

No award may be conferred if the nominations are judged not to meet the standards for the award.

To be eligible, a dissertation must be on a topic related to economics and computation and must have been defended successfully during the calendar year preceding the year of the award presentation.

The next SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award will be given for dissertations defended in 2018.

Nominations are due by , and must be submitted by email to the Award Committee with subject "SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award." A dissertation may be nominated simultaneously for both the SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award and the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Recently, he has studied the effects of government programs on long-run outcomes of children.

The SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes an outstanding dissertation in the field of economics and computation.

It is expected that a nominated candidate, if selected for the award, will attend the next ACM Conference on Economics and Computation to accept the award and give a presentation on the dissertation work.

The cost of attending the conference is not covered by the award, but complimentary registration is provided.


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