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The quality of the dissertation has no impact on the final GPA because nobody cares about the Ph D GPA.The only real indicator of the quality of a Ph D student's work is the research he/she produced over the course of the Ph D, which can't be reduced in a meaningful way to a single number.

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[Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https:// It is my (not-well-founded) belief that Ph D dissertations are not graded because grading is (or should be considered) essentially foreign to academia, and it is industry, or the commercial world, which has the basic interest in placing people on a unidimensional numeric scale of who's better than whom.It is (somewhat) humiliated to be stamped with a number or grade.Dissertations are not graded, and the GPA includes only course grades. The GPA is understood to refer only to courses, so the GPA is also not considered important.For the most part, people do not care about course grades in Ph. In particular, it is not viewed as a summary score for the whole program, but rather only for the initial coursework.The prospectus must be in writing, but an oral presentation may also be required.Each doctoral candidate, upon admission to candidacy, must register for Dissertation (8xx99) for a total of 30 credit hours.Questioning is restricted to members of the graduate faculty, and the vote of the examining committee will be conducted in private.After the candidate has passed the oral examination, the doctoral candidates will submit their dissertation in electronic form.Theses and dissertations must be prepared according to established guidelines.Guidelines for preparation and typing of theses and dissertations are available in the college office.


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