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This guide is based on the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.) that was published in 2009.This manual and selections from it are available in the Library; click the links below to view them in our catalogue. Dissertations include original research; does that research end up in the scientific literature? The authors used PQDT Global data to verify dissertation publication and graduation against UMETRICS data. The authors used data from PQDT Global, business registries, and the U. Authors: Montgomery, Sarah E; Sepehry, Amir A; Wangsgaard, John D; Koenig, Jeremy E. The authors used PQDT Global data, along with data from MEDLINE and other databases as part of a comprehensive literature review. Toward university rankings based on scholarly output, published through Stanford University.

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Note that if your university does not participate in Pro Quest’s Dissertations and Theses program, you can still submit your work to us. Preparing your manuscript for submission Depending on the method supported by your graduate school, you will submit your electronic (PDF) manuscript in one of two ways: Regardless of your submission method, there are several things that you can do to optimize your manuscript.

Please see the Preparing Your Manuscript Guide for further information.

Materials originally published prior to the Internet, but now available online, may not have a DOI.

Use this DOI Flow Chart created by APA to help you decide what information you need to include if you cannot find a DOI. Published weekly, various experts examine "what APA Style is and how it works in a variety of areas, including reference citations of every sort, grammar and usage, the publication process, and social media" APA style is the editorial style created by the American Psychological Association that many of the social and behavioral sciences have adopted to present written material in the field.Author Agreement Authors enter into a non-exclusive publishing agreement with Pro Quest, where the author keeps the copyright in their graduate work.Authors are paid a 10% royalty for sales in traditional publishing format.Neuroscience bridging scientific disciplines in health: Who build the bridge, who pays for it? STEM Training and Early Career Outcomes of Female and Male Graduate Students: Evidence from UMETRICS Data Linked to the 2010 Census, published in The American Economic Review, May, 2016. The data was then used to analyze how STEM degrees correspond to career outcomes. Authors: Ramage, Daniel; Manning, Christopher D.; Mc Farland, Daniel A. The authors use analysis of PQDT Global abstracts from authors at research-intensive institutions to assess if those institutions are “forward-leaning” or “past-leaning” in their relationship to academia. Pro Quest case studies: we’ve also profiled several universities using PQDT Global data in research projects: MPACT Family Trees: Quantifying Academic Genealogy in Library and Information Science, published in Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, Fall 2019. (toll free): 877.382.7113 Text: 780.666.4622 Get help In Person by visiting Research Help, Located on Level 10 in the Library.Did you know Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses Global database is also used as a data resource for research projects that use text and data mining? The authors employ a network theoretical social model as a tool to explore and understand the dynamics of prestige in the academic hierarchy. Wrapping it up in a person: Examining employment and earnings outcomes for Ph. recipients, published in Science, December 11, 2015. ETDs and Social Networks, presentation at ETD 2014 Conference. With 4.5 million records, each with its own metadata, the database corpus is a rich resource for researchers. Google Scholar's coverage of the engineering literature 10 years later, published in Penn State Scholar Sphere, March 2018. By examining the topics of more than 500,000 doctoral dissertations from U. institutions in six major disciplines in 1996-2014, the study investigated the dynamics of cross-disciplinary research in health-related fields as affected by individual and institutional factors. The authors analyzed computing-related keywords in approximately 30,000 dissertations and theses to see how connections between different computing disciplines changed over time. " Peer-reviewed publication outcomes of doctoral dissertations in psychology, published in PLOSONE, February 14, 2018. Authors: Nikolas Zolas, Nathan Goldschlag, Ron Jarmin, Paula Stephan, Jason Owen-Smith, Rebecca F. See the list below for articles and projects published by scholars who used Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses Global data: Perception, prestige and Page Rank, published in PLOSONE, May 2019. Authors: John Meier Angela Raw Davis Vanessa Lyn Eyer. The authors used data from full-text engineering dissertations published in 2016 to and related citations to determine the change in engineering literature referenced in Google Scholar over the last 10 years. Computing research in the academy: insights from theses and dissertations, published in Scientometrics, January 2018. Dissertations & Theses offers UCSB users access to UC dissertations in full-text digital format starting with titles published from 1997 forward.As per pages 207 and 208 in the APA Style manual, please use the following general examples to format the reference: Doctoral Dissertation or Master’s Thesis from a Database Service Author, A.


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