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This was not exactly true: the zealots disliked it even although he had, in a fit of fright, pulled out his more contentious parts of his Treatise (such as the notorious essay on "Miracles") before publication.Despite lacking an academic perch, David Hume was arguably the most prominent figure of the Scottish Enlightenment (roughly dated 1740 to 1790) and a close friend of Adam Smith.Hume's contributions to economics are found mostly in his Political Discourses (1752), which were incorporated in 1758 as part of his Essays Moral, Literary and Political.His father, a lawyer, died in 1713 and his mother raised him singlehandedly (Hume changed his name from "Home" to "Hume" in 1731, when he perceived Englishmen having complications with the pronunciation of the Scottish "Home").Hume enrolled at the university of Edinburgh in 1723 to study law (enrolling at twelve was not too astonishing in that century).I of the Treatise, in a clear and accessible manner (and took this opportunity to incorporate his essay "Of Miracles").The second enquiry did the same for his theory of ethics (which had been Vol. He considered this second work "incomparably the best" of all the works he had written.The first three, I (Of the Understanding), II (Of the Passions) and III (Of Morals), had appeared in 1739-40.The next two volumes, IV (Of Politics) and V (Of Criticism), never saw the light of day However, much of what he sought to write on these topics ended up in two collections of essays on various topics: Essays Moral and Political (1741-42) to which he later added Three Essays (1748).Clair, and during this period wrote two formidable enquiries, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, (published Apr, 1748) and an Enquiry into the Principles of Morals (published Nov, 1751).The first clarified his epistemological theory, originally presented in Vol.


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